Digital In-Store Circulars

Are you the type of person who plucks all of the store circulars out of the Sunday paper before even reading the front page? Do you only get the paper for the ads even? If so this section is for you!  In fact it's for everyone who might be interested to know if that item they've been wanting is on sale or can be bought with a 20% off coupon, or both! Sure you can always check store websites regularly but what about those "in-store only" deals? Or maybe, dare we say, you do not prefer to not shop online. You can still use the power of the internet to stay in the know about whats happening in the offline world. Many big name companies now  post their in-store ads on their websites.  These are what we call digital in-store circulars (DSC)s. You can view an identical copy of what came with this weeks paper, page by page. This way you don't have to stuff your wallet or purse with a folded up mess and... it's better for the environment! For ultimate convenience check the shopping section of your local newspapers website  for access to all the DSCs in one place.  If you're local paper's site doesn't provide this, check the site below for a city near yours, or at least in the same state. The national chain stores' DSC ads should be the same.

Find n Save is rapidly expanding and adding new cities to their list weekly.  Therefore, you're local newspaper's site may have partnered with and feature Find n Save before your city is listed.