Jan 22, 2012

Restaurant. com Spotlight

Restaurant.com deems themselves as "a community matchmaker, matching great restaurants to great people". Since they launched in 1999 they've partnered with over 18,000 local restaurants (not chains) nationwide which can be searched by city or zip code. By leveraging the great demand these restaurants have for new customers they are able to offer incredible deals to consumers. The site regularly sells dining gift certificates for 60% off and quite frequently offers them for as much as 80% off or more! You may think it's too good to be true the first time you see a $25 gift certificate for $2, but it's not! Although we'd hardly call it a "catch" there are a specific set of rules for use set by each participating restaurant. These rules vary depending on the restaurant. For example, some places may require you to spend a minimum of $45 and buy 2 entrees when using a $25 certificate. Also many places specify for dinner only, add gratuity, and do not apply certificates to alcohol purchases...but then again some do. These details are clearly listed right next to the offers so you can make sure they work for you before you buy. They will also be listed on the physical certificate, which you will have to print and bring to the restaurant after purchasing it online. Another option is to buy a generic Restaurant.com gift card at a discount and use it to buy printable restaurant specific certificates like the ones described above. Check out both options at:

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