Daily Deals Sites

The success of Groupon and Living Social have familiarized many with the daily deal site model. If you're at the point of "tell me something I don't know" jump down the page until something catches your eye. If you want some clarification as far as what the hype is all about, read on.

Typically a daily deal site (DD) will feature vouchers for 50% or more off of products, services, experiences and just about anything else one can think of. You essentially are buying a coupon that you can then redeem with the participating merchant. Some of the most popular categories include restaurant specials, spa & wellness treatments, weekend hotel getaways, and electronics. The offers are usually available for a very limited time (a couple of days) and once bought the vouchers also usually expire within a matter of months. New deals are added every day, hence the "daily" and users are encouraged to signup  to recieve e-mails .  Many major online retailers  have also adopted this  model and  added daily deals sections to their sites.


The first of it's kind and still the most popular today is Groupon. They are credited with introducing the masses to what they call "collective buying power". They have provided this very brief video to better explain the concept. We recommend everyone watches this before using Groupon.


If you are ready to give it a try sign up here:

The pre-buying aspect is one that is unique to Groupon. However other DD sites reward social deal sharing in their own ways. Living Social, for example, will credit you back the entire cost of your voucher if you get 3 other people to buy the same deal. Notice we say credit back as you will need to use a referral link which they will only provide you with once you've bought the deal your self.

There are over 100 DD sites up and running today. Sign up for them all. Create a separate e-mail address, or at least a separate folder in one of your current accounts just for DDs. You should be able to filter these messages and even have them skip the inbox so they go directly to the designated folder. This way you will only see them when you feel like deal browsing.



This DD has gained exposure by working with local  news channels around the country running TV ads during the news. Groupigg is all about going local working with small establishments but also hosts national deals.  Unlike Groupon there is no minimum number of people needed to activate the deals. Another nice perk is they will give you a link to share any deal before you buy it so you can earn a free deal with out ever having to pay. Oh, and it's "as in piggy bank" in case you were wondering. You can sign up here:


A DD powered by Yellowbook, the phone and address directory company. They currently only do local deals for a small group of major cities but do have a national deals section with online offers. You may notice a very random selection of products.  It should be interesting to see how this site evolves.  You can sign up here:



Yes Google has their very own DD site. Though still relatively new and in it's Beta(trial) stage, it is available to the public. They also only have major cities to choose from and even though it's not an option you can choose they do post national online redeemable deals once you've signed up. Even if you'll never visit any of the cities on the list just pick one (any one) to get access to the national deals. Sign up here:


More DDs coming soon!