Cash Back Sites

Cash back is a discount you receive by getting money back after you make a purchase, like a rebate. The saving isn't instant but can be applied to your next purchase or you can be mailed a check. Cash back sites (CB)s have programs similar to those of major credit cards. The difference is all that is required is for you to participate is a free registration and for you to pass through their web site on the way to your favorite online retailers. Therefore credit score isn't an issue, there is no credit check. And if you already have a cash back credit card great! You can still join these sites and save even more. A CB is able to offer you these discounts because they get payed by the retailers for referring customers like you. The CB then passes some of there profit back to you in the form of savings. The amount you save will vary depending on where you shop. For a plethora of options check out both of the CBs featured below:


When comparing prices keep in mind that on the price listed is the price before the cash back discount is taken off. Ebates however does the math for you and displays the price after the discount, which you can see under "your price". 

Extra Note:
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 Different CBs have different agreements worked out with different retailers. Check to see who works with you're favorite online stores and who offers the most cash back with the handy comparison chart found here: